Welcome to Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

Message from ABDI Executive Director Mr. Aman Wabe

Development of any nation has been started from individual levels then link to groups and community levels and finally reached nation/national level and bring tangible changes in the lives of community at large who are living in a given country. Based on this reality, Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI) founders, who had have a dream to contribute for the development of the community lived in the locality in particular and the nation development in general have been started their efforts to contribute for the disadvantage community segments (women, children and older people) who are living in their locality, living in a very complicated deteriorated economic and social situation.

We, the founder ABDI, Board members, Staff and Volunteers are very happy to be the part of country's development efforts and intervention as well as reach the hard to reach community segments who are living in remotest parts of the country with very limited infrastructures and development actors. Finally, I would like to all contributors (government stakeholders, donors, and community members), ABDI's founders, Board members, staff and volunteers for their invaluable contributions, which the achievements indicated and put in our website here had been impossible and unthinkable without the genuine engagements and generous supports of our partners.

I hope and request for the continuation of the blessing supports and contributions in the future too, so that started development efforts will be sustainable and will expand to other needy geographic areas and unreached community members.

“The future will be bright for our needy community members and our organization!!”

I thank you!

Aman Wabe
Executive Director, ABDI

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Our Vision: ABDI envisages seeing all Ethiopian communities living in improved conditions through the alleviation of poverty.

Our Mission: ABDI’s mission is to undertake long lasting community based development initiatives in its target areas with special focus on children, women and older people through active community participation.

Our Purpose: The general purpose of ABDI is to improve the socio-economic status of the poor communities through participatory implementation of projects and execution of related programs aiming to address community felt needs.

Our Objectives

+Enhance access to basic & quality education for children's and communities
+Improve access and quality of community health services
+Facilitate access to food for healthy and productive lives of target communities
+ Reduce negative impacts of HTPs and HIV & AIDS on community members
+ Enhance access to various Income generating activities for and build economic and social capacities of poor women
+ Promote conservation of natural resources and environmental rehabilitation.
+ Improve access to basic needs and services for orphans and vulnerable children.

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Our Strategies:

Based on extensive situational analysis, ABDI applies a holistic approach in designing its strategies to address the problems of the target communities in a sound and sustainable manner. The major strategies that ABDI incorporates into the delivery of its work are:

Participation and social mobilization

Cooperation, facilitation and partnership

Identification of local resources

Ensuring programs focus

Gender equality

Strengthening the capacity of ABDI

ABDI General Assembly members

The Board assumes the role of overall policy guidance. ABDI's board comprise of seven members (two women) members which are elected every four years.

Chairperson: Mr. Kebede Assefa Kebede holds a BSC Degree in Agricultural Economics and fostered more than 32 years of experience in working with and for government and non-governmental organizations at all levels.