General Assembly Members

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

The Board assumes the role of overall policy guidance. ABDI's board comprise of seven members (two women) members which are elected every four years.

Chairperson: Mr. Kebede Assefa
Kebede holds a BSC Degree in Agricultural Economics and fostered more than 32 years of experience in working with and for government and non-governmental organizations at all levels.

Vice Chairperson: Mr. Hussein Bekele
Hussein holds a MSC Degree in Rural Livelihood and contributes his 23 years of experience working with and for government and non-governmental organization to the board.

Board Member: Mrs. Sofia Mohammed
Sofia holds MSC Degree in Economics and has served in government, private sector and non-governmental organizations for the last 25 years where she has gained extensive experience in project management and in policy development with a particular focus on wellbeing of vulnerable groups.  As part of her commitment to serve the most disadvantaged group of people she serves ADBI as a board member and contribute her utmost.

“Even though the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water – it will make ripples throughout the entire pond” 

Board Member: Mrs. Meseret Getachew (PhD)
Meseret is a seasoned academic who holds a PhD in Linguistics and has built broad experience of over 18 years, working in higher education institutions/Universities as lecturer and researcher.    

Board Member: Mr. Desisa Kabeta
Desisa is a qualified financial expert with 23 years’ experience holding a MSC Degree in Accounting.  Working with and for government and non government organizations at different levels

Board Member: Mr. Belayineh Negussie
He is volunteer a board member of ABDI. He was born, went to school in rural community of Agarfa district and one of the very few students had joined university, overcoming many challenges. He holds MC in Agronomy and professional experience of over 32 years in various government organizations. Commendable experience in different program developments including researches, building organizational capacity of   government staff found at regional and Federal levels particularly in the areas of agriculture development, crop protection, extension etc.

                 “Believing in the potential of the community, we are working with  is crucial  for   participatory development.”

Board Member: Mr. Dedefo Teno
Mr. Dedefo Teno holds MSc in Public health and has more than 13 years of work experience in area of Maternal, New born and Child health, Reproductive health and Community based interventions.  He Worked for ESHE/USAID and JSI-IFHP USAID funded projects for more than 12 years with position of Child survival intervention coordinator and regional maternal new born and child health program coordinator, respectively. He has an ample experience in program designing, planning and monitoring and evaluation and he contributed a lot for the country in attainment of MDG4. Mr. Dedefo has been serving ABDI as a board member since its establishment. He witness ABDI   has been reaching the untouched segment of rural population with basic services among few like safe water supply, income generation, and women empower their decision making power and toward HIV/AIDs prevention and control through community-mobilization.

Board Secretary:  Mr. Aman Wabe
He holds MA degree in Business Administration specialization in non-profit Corporation. He has been served in different government and non government organizations on various positions ranging from expert, programme Officer, Department Head and Executive Director for about 32 years. In the efforts of realizing his childhood of supporting disadvantaged community groups, he mobilized his friends and family members and founded ABDI in 2007. Currently, he is serving the organization as Executive Director.
“Nothing make me happy and satisfied more than seeing the lives of the disadvantage community groups (women, children and older people) positively changed and able to stand with their own two feet through my limited efforts and contributions