Goals and Objectives

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

Our Vision:   
ABDI envisages seeing all Ethiopian communities living in improved conditions through the alleviation of poverty.

Our Mission:
ABDI’s mission is to undertake long lasting community based development initiatives in its target areas with special focus on children, women and older people through active community participation.

Our Purpose:
The general purpose of ABDI is to improve the socio-economic status of the poor communities through participatory implementation of projects and execution of related programs aiming to address community felt needs.

Our Objectives:

  • Enhance access to basic & quality education for children's and communities
  • Improve access and quality of community health services
  • Facilitate access to food for healthy and productive lives of target communities
  • Reduce negative impacts of HTPs and HIV & AIDS on community members
  • Enhance access to various Income generating activities for and build economic and social capacities of poor women
  • Promote conservation of natural resources and environmental rehabilitation.
  • Improve access to basic needs and services for orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Strategies:

Based on extensive situational analysis, ABDI applies a holistic approach in designing its strategies to address the problems of the target communities in a sound and sustainable manner.
The major strategies that ABDI incorporates into the delivery of its work are:

  • Participation and social mobilization
  • Cooperation, facilitation and partnership
  • Identification and mobilization of local resources
  • Ensuring programs focus
  • Gender equality
  • Strengthening the capacity of ABDI