Organizational structure

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

ABDI has three levels in its governance structure:

  • The General Assembly is the highest decision making organ.
  • The Board assumes the roles of overall policy guidance.
  • The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Legal background: 
ABDI is registered as an local civil society organization under the current, Ethiopian Civil Societies Proclamation No. 1113/2019, with registration No. 0426. ABDI also has signed an operational agreement with Oromia Finance and Economic Development Bureau and project agreements with all concerned government offices at zonal levels.

Capacity of the organization:

ABDI has 17 staff, of which 3 work at Head Office level in Addis Ababa and 14 at field office level in Adaba and Kofele districts. The staffs have completed their education in different but pertinent disciples and their qualifications are as follows:  1 MBA holder, 4 first degree holders, 4 diploma holders, 6 certificate holders and 2 others.

Facilities and equipment: 
At field office level/Adaba town, ABDI has its own office premises, a training centre and big compound of 6400m2 in size.  The organization is fully equipped with computers and a resource centre and furnished with tables, shelves and chairs both at head office and field office levels. Regarding transportation facilities, ABDI owns one minibus vehicle and bikes which are not sufficient for delivery of its operations particularly at filed level.

Manuals and Strategic Plan:
ABDI has well developed standard personnel & financial manuals, five years strategic plan and safeguarding policy.