Case story of Beneficiaries

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

Case story of Beneficiaries in relation to Terafa –Haroo School and Community Water Project
After the  successful completion of Terafa-Haro School and Community Water project which has  financially supported /sponsored by Support for Children (SFC) and implemented by Action For Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI) through active participation of  community members and local government the beneficiaries given the following real witness in relation to  the benefits they acquired and the project contribution for their livelihood improvements.

Case Story 1:

“  My name is Amin Mustefa, I am  30 years old, I am Director of Terefa –Haro School. Before this water project was implemented in this area, I know that there was severe potable water shortage problem both for human being and their livestock; there was no river, spring or tape water in the nearby locality. Because of unavailability  of potable water, children in the school and teachers are suffered a lot, children were exposed to different water borne diseases and  forced to drop out from the school. The   teachers were forced to travel from the town of Adaba which is about 10 Km far from the school. This have its own negative impact in affecting teaching and  learning process. However, after the  implementation of the water project, the surrounding community and the school children have got access to potable water, drop out from school is reducing, exposure to water diseases will be reduced,  the community have got opportunity to access potable water and to  construct additional classrooms using the water which previously transported from far distance about 2 Km by using donkeys back, the school also fulfilled  the required standard since it have potable water for the children and other school community members, this create opportunity for the school to be expanded to the next level. We have also get the chance to conserve  the trees seedlings which positively contributed  for environmental conservation and keeping the  school environment green and attractive  by different types of tree planting.

Amin Mustefa, Terefa-Haro School Director,
On behalf of the school community, I would like to appreciate and thanks all parties i.e Support For Children (SFC), Action For Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI), Local Government Offices and our community members for their active participation financially, technically and materially for the successfully implementation of this water project and make the school the real school which our children enjoyed. Finally, I would like to assure all stakeholders, the school will closely follow up the proper utilization of the water, maintenance of the structures, i.e water points, reservoir, water, pipelines, and water source points in collaboration of the water management committee members”

Case Story 2

“ I am Tuke Bame, today I am a man of 88 years, born, grown up and become old in this Terfa-Haro locality. Now, I am serving my community as one  of community elders, particularly in mobilizing community members for different development intervention and resolving conflicts when it happened between community members. Since my born in this locality, I know that in the previous time, approximately 15 years back there were different springs which were nearby to this school, they were also clean. However 15 years on wards  most of the springs were dried up and the existing one were also not clear and far from the school area, as the result, we community members and our children who are learning in the school are suffered  by different water born diseases such as deharea , vomiting etc. Even though, the school was constructed through collaborative efforts of SFC and ABDI,  potable water  problem   was  a big challenge for us. I remember, where the SFC representatives (Salamawit and her mother ) were  here for the school completion ceremony. Every community members ( children, women, elders) and government representatives were raised water problem for them. Really, they were listen us and support us  this water project. We, Terafa-Harro Community members and our children have big respection and loves to them and ABDI staff next to Allah, our creator. Nobody do such for favor/support  for somebody even the mother.

Tuke Bame and his brother, Hule Bame Elderly of the locality

Again, I would like to appreciate , thanks and bless all the stakeholders (SFC, ABDI and local government) for this golden opportunity they gave us which we may not get even within 10 years period of time, especially, we elders, may be passed without see this opportunity.”

Case Story 3

 “ My name is Amane Usman. I am 60 years old. I have been livening in this area for the past 60 years. I have 8 family members. In this locality there was no potable water.  We were forced to travel long distance and fetch dirty water  for our home  consumption. Before this water project was arrived in this locality, I was forced to travel about 2 kms, to fetch water from river and carry on back to home, now thanks to all stakeholders, particularly, I get water with in 50 Meter distance from  my home. I assumed as I born twice in my life. The dirty water which was use with our livestock exposed us and our children for different diseases. Our children who were attended their education were forced to carry dirty water during their school day.  After we have got the water project opportunity, we  all the kebele/locality dwellers were very happy and actively participated in the project from its start up to end. I can witness that that after the project, our children able to access potable in the school compound, properly attending their education, planting various tree seedlings in the school and we are also using the water  for the construction of additional classrooms of the school. I would like  again to witness  proudly and with  confidence that this water project have huge benefits for us, women who suffered a lot in searching water from long distance and also suffered seriously when our children get sick because of dirty water. I could confidently speak that now on wards our, women productivity could increase since we saved our time which we spent in searching of water from long distance and also in taking care of our sick children. We can use this saved time for other income generating activities and business. At the end I would like to bless and thank from the bottom of my heart all parties who  enabled us to get this miracle opportunity, potable water. God bless you and your children get rewards from God.

Case Story 4:

“ My name is Roza kemal, I am 12 years old and grade five student in Terefa-Haro school. I know that there school and potable water problems in this area. After the school was constructed by SFC and ABDI, we were faced big challenge of potable water since there was no water in the area even the water from river and spring is far from the school. We, children attending our education in the school were forced to carry dirty water with us to drink, this exposed us to water born diseases. Our mothers were suffer ed with us a lot when we sick,  at the time ask for water  etc. they were forced to fetch water from long distance on their back.

Now, we are very happy that the water become available in our school and near our home. It is our roles/ Community and school community to properly use it and make it sustainable. We, students will follow up its proper utilization and also inform our parents to take maximum care of it. We all have to remember our past situation and challenges. I would also like to assure  every body our  education performance will be improved since out burden to supports our parents in searching of potable water from far distance reduced.
Finally, I would like extend my gratitude, thanks and appreciation   to all organizations which  enable us to get this big and big chance, accessing education and  potable water. I would also remind these bodies to reach community and children who are in similar challenges in the other part of our district if possible in other parts of the country.”

Case Story 5:

“ My name is Mohammed-Hussen Shanko, I am 17 years old and  learning in grade six @ Terefa_Harro school. Some years ago, there was no school and potable water in this locality. Realizing children  education access problem, our parents/community built one classrooms of shelter enabled us to start our education in that one classroom and under the shade of the trees. They were also present their appeal for the local government and NGOs such as ABDI. Then by considering our real education problem the local government and ABDI came to our locality and assessed the situation of the area. I heard that then ABDI approached SFC and got fund for our school construction. Accordingly, the school construction was undertaken by active involvement of ABDI, SFC, local government and our community members. Really, we were lucky in this regard since we have got school in the locality which our father, mothers as well as our elders didn’t get. After the school construction was completed our potable problem was continued as it is. We were faced complex water problem and also exposed to various water born diseases. Some of the children were force to drop out from the school. I happy that based on our request for potable water, all stakeholders gave positive response and we have enabled to get potable in our locality as well as in our school compound.  I hope we all will properly manage the water and also make our school compound attractive and green. Finally,  on behalf of our community and Terefa- Haro school students I would like  to thank and appreciated all stakeholders who enabled us to get potable water. I wish them long and health lives, let God reward them for their good deeds.”

Case Story 6:

My name is Sultan Aman, I am 25 years old male youth.  I am serving the community being one of  the  Water Management Committee members. Since I was born, the potable water problem in our locality is severe. Even though there were some springs close to our school in previous time,  though  they were not  clean and proper to drink for human being, the springs were dried up from time to time and the problem  aggravating from time to time both in the quality of water and its distance. I think this is due to environmental degradation, particularly deforestation by the community members.  After we have got school opportunity, our children faced severe potable water challenges; they were carried dirty water with plastic container which was very dirty and unhealthy for their health condition and they were exposed to different water born diseases. Our mothers were faced big challenges in carrying water on their back from long distance which is up to 2 kms.  After the water project was approved by SFC and started its implementation by ABDI in collaboration with local government and our community members, we were very happy. I know accomplishing the project activities was very challenging and have different up and downs. Mobilizing the community, transporting industrial materials both on our animal and on our back etc were some of big challenges for us, the Water Management Committee members and ABDI staff. Anyway since the benefit for us, we were able to manage all challenges and    realize the project in collaboration with other stakeholders.
We, the Water Management Committee members, has been made all possible efforts and contributed what we could all. I would like to assure everybody our contributions and efforts will be continued and make the project sustainable and properly used by our children and community members, We will also make efforts to conserve our environment, plant more trees in our school compound and in our homestead. After the project activities have been completed, we (school children and community members) enabled to get potable water @ nearby locality, community members, religious leaders  have got water in front of our mosque to use it during our pray, previously, we were forced to carry water from our homes/ from long distance by plastic container and use it during our pray @ mosque, we could make our school compound green and attractive, we also use the water for additional classrooms construction etc. Everybody, mothers, elders, children and youths always blessed the organizations and individuals who play roles for the realization of this project, especially, SFC and ABDI as well as their staff and Board members by saying,, Let, God/Allahi gave you more resources , healthy and prosperous  lives for you and your families.”
Finally, I would like to say that the blessed hand/positive hands extended to us by ABDI and SFC as well as our local government has to continue to reach other community members in our district who are suffering due to shortage of potable water, I hope God  will be with you all to reach these needy community groups.” 

Case Story on Mothers who brought back their child to home from where he was rented

Case story 1:

My name is Buse Ramiya, I am 42 years old mother. My husband was died five years ago. I am a mother of 6 children (4 male and 2 female). Our live depend on agriculture/farming. Because of various problems, I encountered i.e poverty, large family size, lack of person who support us as well as lack of awareness  about the effect of  child trafficking and the problems my children faced, I was rented two of my children ( 1 boy and 1 girl), Fayyisa Hajo and Hambisa Hajo at  the age of  8 and 9 years respectively. While my children were with the renters, they were faced different problems such as they  were undermined by the family of renters, no body worried about their hygiene, they also engaged in different activities such as farming, beating, they couldn’t get education opportunity etc. Even though our living condition is not improved, after I have got awareness about child trafficking and its effect on children by ABDI, I decided to bring back my children to home. I took this decision because my children have to get education opportunity and they could also work with me to generate income for the family. Finally, I would like to thank ABDI and other stakeholders who bring this opportunity/project to us and I would also like to inform you al,l now on wards my children will attend their education.”

Case story 2:

“ I am  Hajitu Alake,I am 45 years old. I have 7 children ( 4 male and 3 female). My husband was died four years ago. I was rented two of my children both  are boys, at the age of  10 and 8 years. They were rented last year, I took the payment of Birr 1000 and 700 per year based on their age. I was forced to rent my children due to I have economic problem, I lost my husband and no person to backup me and the children, I was also ignorant about the child trafficking and its impact on live of the children. My children were forced to accomplish different activities such as farming, looking after herds and also work in the house. After I was organised under women self help group, Watra-Worqi starting discussion about our issues and also attended different awareness raising workshops, discussions which were organised by ABDI, I was decided to take my children from where they were rented. My group members also advised  me that I could raise more  income than what I get now if I work with my children and I have also to send them to school. I was convinced with all information I have got and by understanding various problems my children faced, I brought my children back to home and they are currently working with me and attending their education.”
Case story on High School Girl students who are supported by the project

Case story 3:

My name is Rahima Buta. I was born in Wondo Woreda, at Gigisa kebele in  1997 G.C. My parents have 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls). I am the third child for my parent. My parent occupation is farming.  On the top of limited economical capacity to send us to school, my parent also believes that sending girls to school is not important. At the time when I was seven years old, I cried and forced my parent to go to school with my elder brother and they sent me to school with him. After the school/class, I was forced to look after herds and also support my mother in the house also. Since my parent did not fulfill education materials, on the market day, I was selling eggs, grasses etc and purchased education materials.  When I  was promoted to grade seven, my elder brother was stopped his education and my parents were also advised me  to stop my education like my brother. But, I resisted  them and continued my education up to grade 8 in the same school which is found around our locality. However, after I was completed grade 8 and promoted to grade 9 my parents were decided not to send me to the school which is found in Shashamanne town, 20 kms far from our locality. Even though students who completed grade education in our locality have to go to Shashamanne  town, due I have no money to rent house and my parents were also not ready to support me, I asked the school Director to write me letter to Kabate High School which somewhat  close to  my locality than Shashamanne. Then I got permission and support letter  from the school Director and I joined Kabate High School at the beginning of 2006 E.C and I was forced to travel 2:30 to 3:00 hours on my foot to attend education in Kabate High School since I have no money to rent house in the town. While I was traveled  daily  from my home to the school, I faced different  challenges, I was arrived the school late, I couldn’t attend tutorial classes like other students,  at the time I arrived home, I became tired and I couldn’t study hard. So I was very weak in my education.
 While I was attending my education in this challenging environment, ABDI was started project in the Kabate Kebele and the  project  screening committee who was assigned to screen the needy girls to be supported was screened me to get support from the project in April 2014. After I was elected for the support  in April 2014, I am receiving Birr 100  per month from ABDI and I am enabled to attend my education properly.  I used the money I received Birr 25 to rent house and to cover my education materials and I also saved 20% in bank for my future use. In addition to covering the above mentioned costs, I also saved money as Ikub on monthly bases with my 10 friends and able to buy clothes for myself and also buy one sheep.
In general, after the project support was started for me,  I  enabled to properly attend my education, my education results  also improved, I able to attend tutorial classes like my friends and I also feel confident and proud and also compete with other students. I have also a dream to get  good results and join higher education”