Our Achievements

Action for Basic Development Initiatives (ABDI)

Over the past 14 years, ABDI has been able to achieve remarkable changes for communities from which each individual community member has received socio-economic benefits.
Below is a list of the major achievements that ABDI prides itself in:

  1. Construction of three (3) primary schools which are delivering  education service to more than 1000 disadvantaged children and properly handed over to the concerned government stakeholders and communities
  2. Constructed of one (1) Community Development Center on 6400m2 of plot land which has been given to ABDI  by Adaba City Administration
  3. Provided of basic care and support to more than 200 destitute and vulnerable older people
  4. Empowerment of poor women through the provision of economic and social support and the promotion of women rights
  5. Delivery of HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support services for more than 4000 community members
  6. Establishment and involvement of Women Self Help Groups as part of women empowerment and promotion of women rights  interventions
  7. Delivery of WASH interventions /service which have enabled local communities and school children  to access clean water and lessened the burden on women and girls walking far distances in searching of potable water
  8. Reduced child and women trafficking through continuous community and government stakeholders  awareness  raising, formation and strengthening women institutions who capacitate mothers to bring back their children from where they were rented, and enabled about 300 trafficked/rented children to return back  to their parents' home and attending their education,
  9. Actively involved in the environmental protection and conservation interventions and  about 200,000 tree seedlings were raised, distributed to the organized women groups  and  community members and planted,
  10. In general  since its establishment, ABDI enabled to reach more than 200,000 community members in the areas of awareness raising on issues of women, girls  and children rights,  reproductive health and family planning, importance of education, environmental education, prevention of HIV and AIDS,  Harmful traditional practices ( HTPS), mitigating of  children, girls and women trafficking, prevention of COVID-19 pandemic  etc.